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The Evidence Photographer Certification

EPIC’s Evidence Photographer Certification sets guidelines and standards—needed in this ever-changing industry—and provides this information through instruction.  This new certification is not just a piece of paper; it will become a part of your reputation, increasing others’ trust in your abilities.

This certification is unique for evidence photographers. Every test answer is fully referenced to at least one readily available textbook regarding forensic or general photography.

EPIC’s education and certification provides and refines the essential qualities needed in a professional evidence photographer, especially those involved with crime scenes. It is also backed by the Alliance of Visual Artists (AVA), which has successfully educated photographers for over 129 years through Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

“I believe it will be inevitable that all evidence photographers be certified. The Evidence Photographer Certification is striving to set the standard in this industry.”

Edward “Ted” Robinson,
Professor of Forensic Sciences,
George Washington University,
Author of Crime Scene Photography, and
Evidence Photographer Certification Committee Member

"Best training (and the most I have learned through training) I have ever had in my career and I learned more there than I ever have through other training! I now know f-stops, bracketing, and all the other practical knowledge needed for to be a successful evidence photographer.. I will shoot crime scenes in a completely different way, since due to this education." 

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