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EPIC’s mission is to provide members with education and resources to aid in the advancement of evidence photography. 

Founded in 1968, EPIC is a non-profit educational and scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of forensic photography and videography in civil evidence & law enforcement.

EPIC provides you with the know-how to further develop your skills and knowledge in the field of civil and law enforcement forensic photography. As an EPIC member, you will join a select group of the leading evidence photographers working today, who will share their experience and knowledge with you. You will get working tips and learn professional secrets, the cumulative knowledge of years of practical work by evidence experts.

Evidence photography is a specialty that can be extremely lucrative. There are literally dozens of markets for evidence photographs. Legal firms, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, medical labs, and many others pay substantial fees for the right kind of photos. As a result of recent high profile cases that have brought to the spotlight the need for good forensic evidence, evidence photographers are increasingly in demand.

EPIC - Imaging USA
EPIC hosts the annual EPIC - Imaging USA conference www.ImagingUSA.org with intensive training for both new and advanced evidence photographers. Past courses have focused on:

  • crime scenes
  • accidents
  • personal injury
  • civil evidence photography
  • night photography
  • digital photography and the issues associated with the presentation of digital photographs.

EPIC - Imaging USA also offers current technical information from leading experts in the evidence photography field.

Past sponsors of EPIC - Imaging USA include such industry leaders as Nikon, Fuji, Canon and Kodak.

Referral Service
EPIC also offers a Forensic Photography Referral Service, which has brought EPIC members assignments from lawyers and businesses nationwide.

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