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Certified Evidence Photographer Class Equipment Requirements

Required Basic Items:
  • DSLR camera with interchangeable lens capability
  • General purpose lens
  • Accessory TTL flash (not the built in flash)
  • Spare batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Removable storage media for your camera system
  • TTL or sync cord for off camera flash
  • Remote shutter release (corded or wireless)
  • Tripod (Preferably with capability of deploying in horizontal position)
  • Camera and flash manual
  • Bubble level – bulls‐eye or similar
  • Laptop computer with your editing program of choice (a 30 day free trial of Adobe Photoshop can be downloaded from www.adobe.com if you don't have an editing program) and with your camera software installed (not required but highly recommended)
Required Lens Accessories:
  • Macro lens or close up filter attachment
  • Polarizing filter (for standard lens)
  • Stationary or collapsible lens hood (for standard lens)

Required Scales and Markers:

  • ABFO scale
  • 6 inch forensic scale (preferably light on one side and dark on the other)
  • 300mm bureau "L" shape scale
  • Tape measure
  • Photo markers (evidence style if you have them)
Suggested Materials:
Try and bring some items that have different colors in them. If you have access please develop some fingerprints on some of the items. If you want to use soda cans you can actually cut them apart with a scissors so they lay flat to conserve space. Be creative - this is your training!

Contrast control filters:
#15 yellow, #22 orange, #25 or #29 red, #47 blue, #58 green

Photo log materials - whatever you normally use for logging photographs or plain lined paper will work

Students are encouraged to bring more advanced equipment such as an IR camera for demonstration purposes only if already owned

Evidence Photographer Certification
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