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Frequently Asked Questions

What should attendees bring to the certification education?

Please read Required Equipment for a full list.

How do you renew your certification after it has expired?

Every four years you have two options to renew your Evidence Photographer Certification:

  • Retake the Evidence Photographer Certification test
  • Attend a minimum of 30 hours of EPIC education (certification education) or EPIC School @ Imaging USA (our annual conference)

Is the certification education required?

We strongly suggest attendees attend the education that is provided, although it is not required. Attendee can test out of material, over any testing period.

What if I participate in the education but do not pass the exam?

Your application is valid for (2) years.  Therefore, if you do not pass the exam you can sit through the same educational session and retest for no additional fee as long it is within two years from the date your application was submitted.

What happens if I leave my organization who has paid for the certification?

The certification stays with the individual, not the organization. If an individual leaves an organization while obtaining the certification all fees and credits stay with the individual.

How long do I have to pass all areas of the certification?

Attendees must pass all three sections (within two years) and the image submission to become certified as an evidence photographer. If you do not complete the program during this two year period you will need to re-apply and start the program over

Will you bring this education to me?

If a department within the United States has 20 individuals to certify we can bring education and testing to your doorstep, call us for further details.

Can someone lose their certification due to ethical violations?

These procedures are outlines in the Procedures for Addressing Ethics Questions

Can you be a CEP if you live outside of the United States?

Yes! The CEP designation is an international designation. There are CEPs all over the world.

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