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Image Submission

  • Images are submitted online once you have successfully completed the certification exam.
  • Images will be judged as a complete body of work. .
  • Images must not have any identification on them (including participant’s name).
Image Submission Dates
  • February 13-24, 2012
  • April 23 - May 4, 2012
  • July 9-23, 2012
  • October 22 - November 2, 2012

Before you Upload Images

  • Fill out the Photographic Information Sheet completely
  • Make sure participants name does not appear on any images.
  • Confirm that all images uploaded are in original format and resolution.


It is suggested you use Adobe Photoshop or Elements to edit your images. The longest side of any submitted image should not exceed 2000 pixels, with a minimum acceptable of 1600 pixels. Finals shot in RAW should be converted to JPEG for upload, however please note what format the image should ideally be shot in (RAW, JPEG, etc.). Also, you will need to send a CD(s) that contains all of your of your images in both RAW and JPEG format along with your photographic information sheet (scan or hard copy for each image) to EPIC Headquarters. These CDs should be received by the end of the submission period. File names should contain no spaces, special characters or personally identifiable information. These CD's will not be returned.

View the Photographic Information Sheet which must accompany each image submitted on CD and online.

View complete Image Submission Specifications.

View the Judges Scoring Guide to see exactly how you will be scored.

Evidence Photographer Certification
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