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Test Specifications

Certification will cover five test specifications broken down into three modules:

Module One

  • Camera Systems – this category will include the use and knowledge of digital and film cameras, as well as the various lenses and attachments that might be utilized on either type of camera.

Module Two

  • Lighting – this portion of the examination will measure how to best light the subject, possible types of lighting (Studio, Ambient, Flash, Daylight), lighting design and lighting equipment.
  • Exposure and Meters – this area will include how to meter for the correct exposure and the relationship between shutter speed and f-stop.

Module Three

  • Composition – this area will focus on various aspects of composition, including color relationships, framing, using perspective, measuring scales and background.
  • Legal Aspects of Photography - items included in this section relate to any court ruling’s or legal procedure’s impact upon forensic photography.

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