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Why Get Certified?

  • Authority in the courtroom and the workplace
    As with any field, professional credentials are important. They can often be the deciding factor in who gets an assignment and what is the correct way of completing an assignment. And will your word be accepted in a courtroom decision? Back up your photographs, decisions, and testimonies with certification—proving that you are an approved and tested evidence photographer.
  • Credibility and respect in the workplace and the industry
    Nearly 71 % of certified professionals say that credentials give them more prestige among their colleagues. Salary Survey: Monitoring Your Net Worth, CertMag, 2005
  • Validation of achievement in an industry-valued skill
    Evidence Photographer Certification is an opportunity for individuals to earn the credential that proves their competency in the ever-changing field of evidence photography. It is specifically developed for you, testing the skills and knowledge that are necessary for an expert evidence photographer.
  • Increased knowledge, leading to increased job satisfaction
    Evidence photographers who want to be certified must meet the stringent requirements of the program and maintain a level of competence and professionalism that will serve as the international standard in the field. Meeting these requirements will increase your confidence personally and professionally.

“For over 50 years, conventional film-based photography has been accepted in court with little to no challenges. Very few forensic photographers needed to testify to the images they captured. But in today’s world of digital photography, we can expect more challenges…and we must be prepared to face them. One of the best ways to overcome these challenges is to have the credentials that prove you have the knowledge to defend the technology and be a credible witness. 

The Evidence Photographer Certification will lay proof to the fact that you have completed a test designed by your peers on the subject matter expertise you are testifying to in court, thereby confirming your credibility and integrity.”

David Knoerlein,
Forensic Digital Imaging (FDI) founder, and
Evidence Photographer Certification Committee Member

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