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"Best training I have ever had in my career.and I learned more there than I ever have through other training! I now know f-stops, bracketing, and all the other practical knowledge needed to be a successful evidence photographer. I will shoot crime scenes in a completely different way, due to this education."
Chris Cardin
Fire Marshal
San Juan County Fire Department

"This is a whole new beginning for me."
Naomi Roberts
Arson/Crime Scene Investigator
Bloomfield Fire Department

"The training was so useful and enjoyable, and my department is pleased with the wealth of information I brought back."
Jacob Clark
Naval Activity
Crane, IN

"I had a great week at the Evidence Photographer Certification class. Scott, the instructor, is THE bomb-he knows just about everything an evidence photographer would ever need and is a great teacher on top of it all. EPIC did a fabulous job pulling it all together. Thanks a million."
Ed Kelly
Intercoastal Investigations
San Francisco, CA

"I loved this class! The instructor was a strong communicator with a wide range and depth of not only photographic knowledge, but also the law enforcement and forensic disciplines. It was clear (and refreshing) that he loves his work.

"The students came together as a group and wanted to learn, and it showed. He created an environment conducive to active learning and listening, and his dynamic teaching style and resourcefulness kept us engaged. His ability to teach complex and, at times, abstract material was inspiring, presented in a way that was best understood by most all of us."

Lori Ramsey
Evidence Technician

"I didn't believe there was so much to learn! This wonderful class helped me see how much I don't know in the field of evidence photography."
Dror Kopernik
Mechanical Engineer, accident reconstructionist

"I have been taking CSI classes for almost 20 years and teaching them myself as well for the past 5 years. [The instructor] was probably the best photography instructor I have ever seen (Forensic or otherwise). He did an amazing job and put ALOT of work into his power point presentations. I can't say enough about how thorough and real world relevant his lectures were."
D. Eric Johnson



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