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EPIC is a non-profit educational and scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of evidence and forensic photography.

EPIC membership includes:

  • Member-only access to the Evidence Photography Online Forum
  • Member-only access to Evidence Photography Resources
  • A Personalized EPIC Credential Card
  • Subscription to Evidence TechnologyMagazine
  • Discounted access to the EPIC at Imaging USA, (www.imagingusa.org)
  • A certification program for evidence photographers
  • Free referral service to connect you to other businesses and departments that require your expertise
  • Discounted business services
  • Access to discounted health insurance
  • Access to discounted business liability and equipment insurance
  • Discounted Membership to PPA, an international nonprofit professional photographic association with over 22,000 members in 54 countries
  • Copyright Assistance
  • Discounted Data Recovery Services
  • And much more!

For more information please contact our customer service center
Phone: 866-868-EPIC (3742)
Email: csc@evidencephotographers.com

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