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The StapleTube
Among the most common objects photographed at crime scenes are fingerprints. And fingerprints appear on all kinds of surfaces, often far removed from each other and at different angles. Up to now, the only way to photograph fingerprints was to reset the camera and tripod for every location.

Mike Stapleton, a retired FBI special agent and forensic photographer has developed a device to facilitate the photography of fingerprints. Called the StapleTube, it is a clear cylinder that fastens to the filter threads of Canon and Nikon camera lenses. It may be used with other cameras with appropriate step-up or step-down rings. It positions the camera at the correct distance to fill the frame with the fingerprints and, since it fastens to the camera, it is repositioned quickly and easily without the necessity of refocusing the camera or moving and resetting the tripod.

Information on the StapleTube may be found here: http://stapletonandassociates.com/page4.html


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