Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Has Undergone An Uneasy But Definite Improvement


Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Has Undergone An Uneasy But Definite Improvement

Even welcome changes to Halo Infinite’s progression cannot fundamentally alter how free-to-play monetization works.

How to Switch Battle Passes in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite: They Gotta Fix This Battle Pass System

Halo Infinite is indeed live three weeks early, and normally I wouldn’t kick things off by complaining, but this is easily one of the worst battle pass progression systems I’ve ever seen, and should have been fixed well before this.

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Should You Buy the Halo Infinite Battle Pass?

Halo Infinite’s Season 1 Battle Pass Heroes of Reach has over 100 unlocks, but almost all of them are impossible to get. Is the Battle Pass really worth buying in Halo Infinite?

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How I FINISHED Halo Infinite’s Season 1 Battle Pass Without Paying Real Money

How I Finished Halo Infinite’s Season 1 Battle Pass Without Paying Real Money

Hello Everyone and welcome back to another video from everyone’s favorite Halo YouTuber. I’m Rehab, your favorite Halo Youtuber and today I wanna show you how I finished the Halo Infinite Battle Pass without Paying real money for tiers. Because it’s official, last night I finished the Halo Infinite battlepass through tier 100. It took me ALL of 558 matchmaking games to finish the battle pass.

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