Occult Classics


Occult Classics

Since the date 6/6/06 comes around only once every hundred years, the GameSpot editors felt they couldn’t wait around for the next one to round up the 10 best occult-themed games.

This Creepy Occult Horror Movie Will Gain A Cult Status Once People Start To Understand It Better

A New Yorker and his pregnant wife head to his birthplace in Norway to collect an unexpected fortune. When they discover themselves in a terrifying cult that worships a sea-dwelling deity, they find themselves in a living nightmare. Sacrifice is not your typical cult classic horror film about a guy and his pregnant wife, Emma returning to his birthplace in Norway. The pair is allegedly there to cope with the loss of the man’s mother and an unforeseen fortune arrives at their doorstep. They are, however, locked in a nightmare as an ancient galactic terror rises to seize its rights. Sacrifice is a slow-burning film in which the weird effect that the cult has on the couple gradually creeps into their everyday routines. It might feel a little sluggish than required at times. However, throughout these moments, the film seeks to fascinate by adding visual elements to the deity, or the creature one might say, the peasants’ revere.

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0:00 Intro
14:55 The monster
15:50 Why you should watch Sacrifice

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Does Quantum Physics Confirm The Occult?

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“You’ll not only lose your mind, but you’ll lose your soul” | Christopher Lee on the occult

Sir Christopher Lee at University College Dublin, discusses rumours of his extensive occult library and black magic.


Legendary British horror actor, Sir Christopher Lee who portrayed the blood-sucking vampire Dracula in the 1958 Hammer Horror Film was awarded Honorary Life Membership by the UCD Law Society.

“We are honoured to present Sir Christopher Lee with Honorary Life Membership of the UCD Law Society. His corpus of work is truly legendary,” says Francis McNamara, Auditor of the UCD Law Society.

“His dedication to his craft for more than half a century should serve as an inspiration to each and every one of us.”

“His portrayal of the blood-sucking vampire Dracula in the 1958 Hammer Horror production terrified audiences throughout the world, and as a result Christopher Lee, who stands at 6 foot 5 inches tall, became one of the most recognisable faces and figures of cinema.”

Previous recipients of Honorary Life Membership of the UCD Law Society include: Jessie Jackson, Bill Clinton, Jeremy Irons, and Seamus Heaney.

But it was not until the early 2000s that his career reached even higher heights from his appearances in two blockbuster film franchises: as Saruman the White in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003), and as Count Dooku in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones (2002).

Born in 1922 in London, England, Christopher Lee is of noble Italian ancestry on his mother’s side (Carandini). His mother, Contessa Estelle Marie Carandini di Sarzano, was a noted Edwardian beauty and was painted by John Lavery, Oswald Birley and Olive Snell and sculpted by Clare Sheridan, a cousin of Winston Churchill.

The Carandini family is one of the oldest in Europe and traces itself back to the first century AD. It is believed to have been connected with the Emperor Charlemagne, and as such was granted the right to bear the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

In 2009, Lee (89) was knighted by Prince Charles in recognition of his lifetime contribution to the film and television industries. And this year (2011), he received a BAFTA Fellowship.

A History of Magic, Witchcraft & The Occult / Full Presentation / / DK Books

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Here we have ‘A History of Magic, Witchcraft and the Occult’ a book published by DK Books in 2020.
The book is bound in paper and comes with a good quality sewn binding. The paper binding appears to get marks easily, so be careful when handling it.

The book is printed on photographic paper throughout and it opens up well. The print quality is good and the book is printed and bound in Latvia.


Binding 00:00
Opening the book 01:01
Prehistory to 400 CE 01:40
400-1500 03:55
1500-1700 06:40
1700-1900 09:42
1900-Onwards 12:34
Outro 15:19

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