Seek and Destroy Review


Seek and Destroy Review

Considering the already-stiff competition for vehicular combat on Sony’s current hardware, there’s really no room for Seek and Destroy.

Metallica Seek And Destroy Live at The Metro 1983

KHDK No1 Pedal (Review + Seek & Destroy)

Kirk Hammet & David Karon’s new pedal company KHDK put out their first new pedal, No. 1. Check it out, as I put it through it’s paces with a Diezel VH4 and Marshall 2555x.

There a video with additional content here:

00:21 Seek & Destroy
02:50 Intro to KHDK
04:32 KHDK No. 1 into VH4 ch1 (Les Paul)
07:30 KHDK No. 1 into VH4 ch1 (Strat)
08:23 Solo tone, KHDK No. 1 into Marshall 2555x (Les Paul)


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1. Gary McKirchy (G MaC) ������
2. Greg Fitzgerald ������
3. Manlio Yllades ������
4. Salvador Saucedo (Metalmadman) ������
5. Yevgrafov Sergey ������
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7. Chris Hoffman ������
8. Sean Herskowitz ������

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Seek and Destroy Review

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